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Great River Inner Tubing: 4-H, Boy/Girl Scouts & School Groups

Float down the little Elkhart River for one, two, or three hours. Enjoy a lunch along the riverbanks surrounded by woods & pastures in Amish/Mennonite country!
Enjoy & Relax for an Evening...
One hour hayrides with-in Amish/Mennonite country, passing by farms, woods, & pasture fields! Pick-up at your Shipshewana hotel. Call for more details!
Guided Bicycle Tours
Guided bicycle tour through Amish Country, suited for all ages and abilities. Bicycles to rent or you may bring your own. Call for more details!

Amish/Mennonite Countryside Guided Tours & Dinner Tours
Travel the quaint back roads with a knowledgeable step on guide that will highlight the homes, farms, businesses, and schools in the area explaining the rich heritage and beauty of the area. Stops included are the Deutsch Kase Haus (cheese house), Yoder’s Popcorn, Dutch Market, Quilt shops, and Furniture shop. Allow 3 hours Call for pricing!

Optional: Threshers dinner includes: Real Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Homemade Noodles, Salads, Vegetables, Homemade Bread, (Real Butter & Jellies) Cream & Fruit Pies, and Meats –choice of two meats chicken, ham, delicious meat loaf patties, & Roast beef. Beverage included. Allow 1 ½ hours Call for pricing!

Optional Homemade Amish Peanut Butter & Bread to Motorcoach Clients!
Agriculture Tours
An Amish Dairy farmer will guide you through his milking parlor explaining from breeding to milking, will truly get you in the moooo’d! We will also show you the Farm’s draft horses. On Friday’s we have the opportunity to visit the Shipshewana Horse auction.At the Buggy shop tour we will view the making of buggies and learn how the way of traveling, like Grandpa says “the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease first!” Tour one of the leading RV factories, as we are the RV Capitol of the world. Watch the production of trailers being built from start to finish. A stop at the local produce auction Will allow you to purchase fresh produce! Grandma says “nothing tastes better than fresh from the garden” experience this auction! Next, take a tour of a buffalo farm where you will be educated on the life of a buffalo, a wagon ride to the fields of where the “buffalos roam,” and a chuck wagon dinner on the ranch is included. Allow 7 hours. Call for pricing!
Quilt Garden Tours
Tour the Elkhart/ Lagrange county Quiltgardens, stopping at an exquisite park located in Middlebury, where gardeners from around the world have taken pleasure in its beauty since its creation for the 1933 Chicago World’s fair. We don’t want to miss the Amish quilts shops along the way! As lunch time draws near, head off to a nearby Amish homestead for a traditional meal and an antique quilt trunk show by local quilt historian Rebecca Haarer. Allow 7 hours. Call for pricing!
Covered Bridge Tour/Menno-Hof
In the morning, a tour of the Menno-Hof (An Amish/Mennonite Visitors Center) will explain the history and heritage cultures. In the afternoon enjoy a guided tour along the Indiana/Michigan State Line, touring the beautiful 1887 Langley covered bridge in the heart of Amish Country, the longest bridge in the state! Enjoy the beautiful Bonneyville Mill Park, home to Indiana’s oldest operating grist mill, powered by water, built in 1832. Watch as millers grind flour with stone, purchase some for home, and enjoy a scenic nature walk. In the evening sit back, relax and soak in the sites from aboard the Elkhart River Queen, a paddleboat that cruises on the St. Joseph River. Allowance - full day. Call for pricing!
School Groups ~ The Future for an “Educational Field Trip” to Amish Country!
Visit a 70-acre family farm just outside of town, Shipshewana, experience the Amish farm life and have “hands –on” duties as our family milks Holsteins cows twice daily, we give the school children the opportunity to milk a cow by hand, have a taste of milk from the cow and help feed the baby calves, take pictures of the big Belgians work horses. Also offer Amish school visits, play games with the Amish children and have lunch with them. A Stop at the cheese factory watching cheese being made, while sampling many varieties. Time allowed: 3-4 hours. Call for pricing!
Optional Buggy rides available: Experience 1/4 hour buggy rides
Northern Indiana Amish country & Dutch Holland Michigan Trip
Experience the Dutch Holland people, beauty, & charm. A native Dutch tour guide will give your group a tour of the city! Making a stop at the Historic Pillar Church, learn of the “Pillar Church built in 1857”, A Christian reformed Church! Go through America’s only Authentic Dutch Windmill “DeZwaan”, a 248-year-old working Dutch windmill; and visit the Little Netherlands Museum. There are over 175,000 tulips in the Gardens! Amsterdam Street Organ, Veldheer’s Tulip Farm, over 30 acres of tulips. Watch crafters in the Wooden Shoe factory and Delftware factory. Visit Dutch Village and Farm, includes a buffet with both Dutch & America food to choose from. Have this tour added to any of our group tours, or as ist own! Call us for details & pricing!